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The New Home Buyer’s Guide to High Quality Construction

Turnkey Home with Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer and Closets

Our homes are fully functional – once finished our Clients can move into them immediately. Our Clients do not need to purchase, change, or add appliances or build out their closet systems to their own specifications and then wait for them to be installed after Closing. Our Clients work with our Design team to create custom millwork closets and storage, washer and dryer buildouts, garage storage and choose kitchen appliances and cabinetry.

Strongest, Quietest Hurricane Windows

All of our windows are hurricane rated windows, which exceed the City Code requirements they use higher quality extrusions and superior quality glass. These windows are impact resistant and rated for 155 MPH bursts during storms. In addition, they have UV light protection built-in, enduring a reduction in color loss or material fading.

High-End Air Conditioning Units from Carrier or Trane

We choose high-end air conditioning units from Carrier or Trane because of their performance and energy efficiency. The industry standard form of measuring the efficiency of an air conditioner unit is the SEER Rating. Standard competitor’s air conditioner units have a rating of 14.5 SEER. The Carrier and Trane models we use have a rating that ranges from 21-25 SEER, saving our Clients substantial money over the life of the units.

Solid Concrete Second Floor – Not Wood Floors or Truss Decks

A solid concrete second floor helps provide peace of mind during severe weather and longevity as the home ages. It is a significantly stronger structure than a wooden truss system, which is the system commonly used by our competitors. Concrete second floors provide eight inches of sound insulation and help improve structural integrity. These concrete floors absorb and release warmth and coolness, effectively making them much more energy efficient than a wooden truss flooring system.

Heavy Gauge Metal Studs

Heavy gauge metal studs help to provide structural support. Metal studs are more rigid and do not flex, unlike wooden studs. Metal studs also help to insulate the walls, thereby adding to noise reduction throughout the home. Metal studs also allow for cleaner wiring and piping flexibility.

Copper Piping

Copper piping is long lasting, environmentally friendly, and corrosion resistant. The copper tubing is light and requires less support than synthetic PVC due to its rigid nature. On average copper piping lasts for sixty years compared to plastic piping alternatives that last only twenty five years.

Siemens Electrical Panels with Copper Busses

Electrical panels with copper busses are more conductive and last longer than electrical panels with aluminum busses. All of our homes are built with Siemens electrical panels and copper busses rated for 200 amps. We offer homeowners the ability to upgrade their electrical panels to 400 amps, if desired.

Pre-Wired CAT-7 Wiring for Secure Data

We pre-wire CAT-7 throughout the entire home for seamless and secure cable and computer setup. CAT-7 is much faster and safer than Wi-Fi networks. If Wi-Fi is also utilized, we recommend that our Clients install multiple wireless access points due to the thickness of the concrete structure.

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